The Ultimate Fighter 16

July 14, 2012 in News


I cannot thank the UFC and you the fans enough for this amazing opportunity.  I have a dream of coaching so this is kind of like that dream coming true.  While Roy Nelson and I do not get along, I am going to make sure that the focus of the season is to put at least one Team Carwin member in a position make it to the finals.  If we can get two of our guys in the finals that would be even better.  We have already begun working on a great coaching staff that will go beyond what you have seen in the past.  The guys that made the show can fight or they would not have made it.  My goal will be to help them win.  Our entire season will be on building that winning attitude and staying positive when you don’t win.  We want to prepare our team to be the best.  There can only be on TUF 16 Champion but we will develop a team of future Champions too.

Taking  along lay-off like I did keeps you hungry and focused.  All of which got turned up a notch when they offered me to fight Roy.  TUF, Iraq , the Moon  or wherever Dana would have asked me to go to fight Roy I would have went.  I am going to representing for the REAL Country folk. The people that know life is about providing for your family through hard work.  My single mother worked two jobs to  make sure my brothers and I had opportunities that she did not.  She taught us that hard work is the only way to get the things you want in life.  I worked my way through two colleges while becoming a multiple time All-American in Wrestling , Football and Academics (most important one to me).  I helped build many of the houses in Greeley to buy books and beer in my college days.  When the NFL said I wasn’t healthy enough for pro sports , I went back to work and earned a National Title in Wrestling.  This will be the first time in my adult life that I wont be working.   I will just be focusing on developing a team to win the show and focusing on preparing to knock Roy Nelson out.  That is my new job and my new passion.  I know Roy likes to be the UFC’s Jester but he better know this is not a joke for me. He can keep striving for being average, I am pushing myself and those around me to find the American Dream.  The dream that comes from lots of hard work and sacrifice, no gimmicks necessary.