What Are The Differences In Male Vs. Female Hormonal Systems?

The human body is the most surprising creation in the world. As the differences are pretty evident, one can easily differentiate a male from a female. But, have you ever wondered how these two are so different and yet from the same species? The answer lies in the body’s internal structure and the special chemical released in both bodies. These chemicals are termed hormones. 

Though both male and female hormones are the same, the differences are caused by the produced amount. Depending on which hormone is produced more and is more effective, the body develops the feature of the hormone. With these hormones, the body takes different shapes and develops different characters. 

What Male And Female Hormones Consist Of

The male and female hormones are responsible for the reproductive functionality of a person. For male reproductive hormones, the term androgen represents the collective testosterone. Male characters like facial hair, deep voice, and broader shoulders result from the abundance of this hormone.

For female hormones, there are two groups, namely progestin and estrogen. These two are why females have curvier bodies and high-pitched voices. When all progestins, estrogens, and androgen are grouped, they are called steroid hormones. 

For female steroids or steroid hormones, they are extremely important as they regulate the menstrual cycle. For males, testosterone is responsible for producing male hormones in the testes. 

Changes In Male And Female Body Due To Hormones 

The development of secondary sexual characters in humans occurs with the arrival of puberty. The reproductive system starts developing at such times, which causes a sudden spurt of growth in many individuals. The development will stop when the maturity regarding reproducibility is attained. Here are listed the common and different changes that take place in both the sexes.

  1. Growth Of Hair

Both males and females start growing hairs in different parts of the body. The common areas where hair growth is prominent are the genital and underarms. In males, stronger and thicker facial hairs are observed, whereas females’ facial hairs are more subtle.

  1. Change In The Bodyweight

In both males and females, there are sudden changes in body weights. A male grows taller and develops a broader body type. Both these factors are responsible for gain in the body mass. The weight gain in the females is more prominent as their bodies become curvier. The fat accumulates around the upper arms, thighs, hips, breasts, and waist.

 For some women, sex steroids are produced in more quantity giving them a rounder figure. If any girl does not develop, taking external female steroids can help.

  1. Change In Voice

Due to hormonal discharge, a girl’s voice becomes high-pitched, making them more feminine. At the same time, a male’s voice in puberty becomes deeper and hoarse due to the production of testosterone in huge mount.

  1. Internal Changes

For women, these hormones lead to the start of their menstrual cycle. The reproductive organs inside the body start to develop. In males, the ejaculation of sperms occurs, while in females, vaginal discharge is common.

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