June 4, 2012 in News

For me my kids are everything.  They are both amazing and special in so many ways.  This weekend I helped my son set up a backyard campout and I remember when i was a kid how much more freedom we had.  Maybe it was a safer time back in the 70’s and 80’s.  This was his first campout with a friend.  I think by his age I had already been on hunts with just my friends and brothers.

Getting ready to paddle boat and fish

Even though times are changing I still cherish being asked to help set up tents or to take the kids fishing.  With all the amazing things that I have accomplished in life (amazing wife, UFC, NCAA etc) nothing beats watching and participating in my kids lives.  My dad was not around for me.  I do not have a lot to go on experience wise but I could never imagine missing this.

Enjoy your kids this summer and make sure you try to find time for the little things with the little ones. They will be parents one day and our guidance is going to determine how good they do.  Thanks to my Mom for being the rock that she was and is.