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  1. avatar slick says:

    hey shane my name is slick (dave) a year ago I had 3 herniated discs n had minimal invasisive surgery to trim the herniations. I know you had some type of procedure that was similar I was just wondering I have a lot of back tightness and wondering if you had similar symptoms and what you did to relieve the tightness thanx im a huge fan glad to hear u r cleared to fight again

    • avatar Shane Carwin says:

      Slick it is different for everybody. What worked best for me is to follow the doctors orders and not to push myself too fast. The nerves need time to heal.

  2. avatar Justin Kelly says:

    Shane, your fans are behind you. I look forward to seeing more of your wins. I perceive that you have it in you to crush all contenders in the Heavyweight division, and you have an electricity of power you bring that no one else has. I watch MMA fights with my wife and we will be rooting for you. More power to you in your training regimen…all hail Shane Carwin! Godspeed sir…

  3. avatar ryansullivan says:

    Hey Shane my names Ryan, I’ve been trying to cut weight and for some reason its not working and i saw how much weight you cut when you were preparing for UFC 131 against Junior and i was wondering if you could give me any tips on how to cut weight?

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