What Mattress to Choose For To Help With Sore Back?

Living with back pain hurts as it affects every waking moment, in turn, this makes your good day bad. While there is no real fix for sore, back but owning a good mattress can be a life changer. However, not all mattresses are designed for back pains.

This means that you must know the defining features of a good mattress for a sore back. Best mattresses for back pain have three major attributes that will help it address persistent upper and lower back pain.

  • Proper support

Back pain is commonly caused by insufficient support along the spine. For your information, back pain can stop you from engaging in physical activity and furthermore affect your health. It is, therefore, necessary to stay on the path of a healthy and active life.

This is achievable if you can manage to make your body lays flat and make full contact with the surface in a uniform manner. This ensures that your body gets continuous support along the spine, which is required to keep it properly aligned like a folding mattress.

That is not all; proper posture ensures uniform distribution of body weight across the bed to alleviate stress on the spine. Since little to no pressure is exerted to the back and the spine, you are able to rest comfortably and peacefully.

  • Pressure relief and spine alignment

In the past, people believed that a very firm mattress was the best solution for back pains. But according to a research that involved over 250 people with back problems, it was established that patients who slept on very firm mattress had their condition worsening instead of getting better.

On the other hand, those patients who slept on mattresses with medium-firm feel enjoyed better quality sleep and their conditions improved. A very firm mattress is a bad option because it creates resistance with the body pressure points preventing the heavier parts that need to sink a little.

As a result, the hips and shoulders are pushed up and this may twist the spine throwing it out of alignment thus increasing the pain. A medium-firm mattress is considered the perfect solution for a sore back. Such a mattress provides a good balance between comfort and support.

It allows the parts that need to sink a little to do so, while cradling them well. This alleviates pressure and ensures that the spine aligns properly with the body making you feel much comfortable.

Lastly, a very soft mattress can also worsen back pains. In the first place, the soft mattress has good conformability and molds itself around the pressure points. It lacks support and therefore allows for deep sinking which twists your spine subjecting it to pressure which leads to great pain during the night.


Do not ruin your night sleep by sleeping on the wrong mattress. Finding a good mattress can give you great relief even if it will not cure back pain completely. However, as already noted a good mattress for sore back provides great support, proper spinal alignment, and good relief for pressure. To this end, you can make an informed judgment and buy yourself the right mattress.